to those who suffer

Shoutout to those who are struggling right now. Know that you are not alone in your plight whatever they may be. There is someone who truly understands the pain that you experience daily and believe me when I say I know how it is to think that this life is not anymore worth living . Know too that I feel the aching and breaking of your hearts as you try going through the circle of life and honestly wish things could just change for the better.

Trust me when I say that every single fiber of my being wishes that no one suffers in this world anymore but that is not also what life is all about, right? Life is anything and everything but linear and even when you are now in the nearness of giving up I guess there is still that thin line that separates hope and despair. I want to cross over and see the colors of the rainbow which promises us joy and bliss. I want you to experience that too.

I am guessing you have shed tears over and over again and that your thoughts are about grim and darkness. Still, the very core of my being is telling me everything is going to be alright in the Universe’s perfect time.  Let us hang in there now.

I am sending you light and love. Let us conquer the odds together wherever you are in this world. Big hugs.



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