Post practice thoughts

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet.”

There are things that no longer serve us.We need to let them go, maybe not now but eventually. Unless we detach from these, they will continue to weigh us down. People, things, beliefs even traditions that do not make us better individuals need to be said goodbye to.

Still, we need to recognize that there are those that we want in our lives that are not yet occuring.In time, they will be given to us.We need to be patient then.

How do we recognize that space between the no longer and not yet?

 WE need to empty ourselves from our own falseness. We need to understand that life is only difficult when we make it so.

We must be able to recognize what must go and stay. We need to learn to wait and not to fret.

There is too much for us to take in that at times we get overwhelmed. It is at this moment then that need to BREATHE.

The meaning of life is simply this- Simplify , simplify and simplify.


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