Gone too soon



He is Nick, an architecture student at the University where I taught until last March . He’s my class president, a dependable one. He loved to smile a lot. I always depended on him as an officer.He’d never failed me.We often talked about school stuff and life in general. I would always spend time conversing with him everytime  we met at the hallway.His positivity was infectious. He’s loved.

Today is a sad day. I just learned that he was a victim of robbery and murdered eventually.He was brutally stabbed 18 times last night.

It was hard to believe.My president is gone but it’s too soon.

My heart is very heavy until now. Death is natural but his way of leaving was not. I cry as I  remember him.I can not even put into words what I want to say.

Goodbye , Nick.Thank you for touching my life.Thank you for treating me well. Know that I love you and you are  missed.

Rest in peace dear.


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