ten thousand steps and more

It’s a fact that I love walking more than taking any public transportation. I dislike the long hours of sitting that eventually compromise my back. There is also this feeling of suffocation physically as I am normally in between people who at times have this artificial odor because of the “I -don’t -know-what perfume -they actually have on?” their bodies.

So, walking is my own way of getting lost with myself and also enjoying meeting not to mention bumping into other random people on the streets.

Yes, I walked and walked yesterday and my phone tracker recorded 13, 215 steps.Please remember this record excluded those walks which I did without my phone nearby. My feet obviously were tired but I felt good knowing aside from practicing on the mat, I simply just did something natural.

I walked, climbed stairs and  walked some more yesterday because I have been to 2 different studios to teach. The traffic was terrible since it was a Monday so using my feet was the best option to avoid the discomfort.

Have you done your walking today?

Enjoy the stride.




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