Just keep practicing

Things will  fall into place in time. Life is a constant practice to become who we really are.

Difficultes are always part of the journey. We just have to get used to the fact that being at ease with pain will make us stronger individuals.

I wake up everyday to practice. I show up to the mat no matter what because I find answers even to the questions I never ask. There is meaning to simply breathe. Connecting to my life source is necessary for me to be grounded.

Doing supta kurmasana has been a tough process.It requires me to be more open and more relaxed. Just placing those legs behind the neck was unimaginable for me to do.. It is because I keep.practicing that I was able to discover how to get through the pose.

Life is like that. We need to keep going, to keep breathing, to keep failing until we fail no more.

Enjoy your practice.


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