Thank you, Teacher Elle


Teacher Elle’s last assist with me in my drop backs. Thank you so much , teacher.

Today is the last day of Teacher Elle to teach at the shala. It has been a quick two months of practicing with her. It has also been something I would be grateful all my life.

She ‘s so far the first female authorized teacher I have been practicing with. I like her candor and humor in dealing with us. Her voice , normally shrieking but cute, and her Thai accent would surely be missed.

She let me do pinchamayurasana unexpectedly. Now, I have another homework to take with me in my practice. I am grateful for her  gentleness in assisting me . It  has made me fearless in catching my legs/ankles/shin during drop backs. She makes me feel comfortable in the poses and I guess she knows how to listen to her students’ bodies too. I believe this is an important role of any teacher.

More than the guidance in the practice, it is really the person that I am grateful for. She does not hesitate to express her feelings and she just likes to laugh. These are noticeable because in a way I resonate with her.

I am grateful for the brunch and the teatime that we shared.  It   is always a bit emotional when one leaves but I am pretty certain she will be back very soon.

My practice will continue without her for now. There will be other teachers coming in time but Teacher Elle is loved because she has brought fun to our practice. I guess it matters to be able to laugh even if we fall, right?

Thank you for coming Teacher . See you on the mat again soon.



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