Thoughts over a cup of tea


My first time to try this Moroccan green tea and I love it.


My thoughts have been kind of laidback and pensive since last week. It was particularly very subdued last Friday as it was a moon day. I had the chance to chill at the Pancake house while waiting for my yoga class to start. I thought of trying their Moroccan green tea and asked for a slice of lemon as well. I had a wonderful time just being there with my thoughts.

I thought of life’s impermanence again and pondered on why else do people have to toil each day. I imagined how short and unexpected this mortal life is. My heart ached thinking that I have missed my family so much even as I was writing this.

I felt a pang of fear knowing that there is the unknown that is constantly confronting us. I was staring outside and I saw movements of people and cars. I thought everything seemed to be meaningless.

It was a beautiful moment of facing again one of  life’s hardest truths. There is nothing stable in this lifetime. Those solid thirty minutes of simply drinking tea allowed me once more to appreciate the importance of the present moment.

Yes, I miss my family terribly. I want to go home and just goof around with my sisters and brothers. I miss talking to them. I miss screaming and playing with my nephews . I miss my mom. I miss my dad and my eldest sister who have left us for good.

I know the moonday effect has also made me very emotional but I am grateful for the moment. I had shed copious tears for some reasons. I was very vulnerable but I was in contact with my true nature.
It is raining now and I am a bit nostalgic. I am embracing this occasion because this is what makes me human after all.

Enjoy your tea.

Om shanti, shanti.


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