The Goal of Yoga

Just in case we all forget what the goal of yoga is. I do at times.I tend to get pushy, competitive and on certain days I end up frustrated for not getting the poses right.This frustration makes me sulky and panicky.

There are those moments though when my practice was just focused on my breath. I do not care much as to whether or not I grab my toes. There is just too much that the breath could do to be more worried about how I look on a pose.

Yoga is yoga. It is more than the posture. It is what happens to us on and off the mat. It is how we steadily create that focus and not be pestered by life’s demands.

So yoga is not a headstand. It is more than that. It definitely is not those expensive mats that we carry with us to practice.Neither it is looking pretty in  our leggings and tops. I believe yoga is rather our selves surrendering to the moment, allowing the breaths to lead us.It is us devoid of our egos and expectations.

It is actually our natural state of just being who we are. 



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