Big Toe ordeal…still grateful, though

Hello Big toe! Please heal soon.

My practice today was a bit uncomfortable as I was very careful not to aggravate the condition of my left big toe. It has been swollen for 2 days and the tiny wound got infected for some reasons. What seemed to be an ordinary pedicure just to get those dry skin on my toes became an ordeal for me.

Teacher Elle just smiled watching me from afar because I looked funny maybe doing the jump backs and updogs. It did not stop me though from finishing my practice with short breaks in between. I was even grateful for catching my legs during my drop backs. I just realized I have become stronger each time.

I went to my class a bit sluggish also because of my coming period. The universe always knows how to reward me for my hardwork because surprisingly today was a full class. I had thirteen women in the house submitting themselves to the ashtanga way.I loved the energy this morning. Everyone was just very attuned to what they were doing. The breath brought us together. I look forward to teach these beautiful souls again.

With my beautiful strong yoginis this morning

Catching my big toe is maybe an ordeal for me these days but being on my mat and sharing energy with likeminds were huge blessings.  I am grateful.

Everything comes when one keeps practicing.

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi.


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