Full primary Friday

It’s Friday and what better way to cap the day than doing full primary series at home. I was battling whether I should go through the whole series because i still felt lethargic and my nose was clogged upon waking up. The universe must have allowed me to go with the flow and lo and behold ! I did the entire sequence for more than an hour.

Here’s my featured asana today. ..Marichyasana B

How to go through the pose?

  1. From downward facing dog, jump through and straighten the legs
  2. Bring the left leg in half lotus and bend the right knee.
  3. Wrap the right arm around the leg and hold the left wrist.
  4. Take an inhale -then head up.
  5. Fold forward during an exhale. You can bring your head down or chin forward.
  6. Take 5 long ,deep even breathing.
  7. Take an inhale -head up and exhale to release the pose.
  8. Cross the ankle, for transition. (vinyasa) then do the same sequence on the left side.

Doing this pose regularly will have a direct effect to the colon. It aids out the removal of waste and toxins from our body. Our Third chakra (Manipura) is also purified and strengthened.

Have a great practice.


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