Post practice tea 

Yesterday’s practice was culminated with a brunch at our favorite cafe. I was with teacher Elle, Mia and Carla (who surprisingly paid for our meal).It was such a generous gesture.We were so grateful.

After the sumptuous meal and a heartwarming conversation,  Teacher Elle invited me over to have tea at her place. I felt so honored for the hospitality. She’s such a big- hearted yogin.

She made peppermint chocolate tea and I must say it has become my instant favorite.

It is always heartwarming spending moments with likeminds. People like Teacher Elle is very easy to be with. Her candor and humor match mine.

Talking about life, men, yoga, food and even stalking people on instagram had made our Saturday more fun. It was a huge relief to be with someone who could relate with my crazy stuff too.

I went home with a grateful heart. I was sleepy and tired but I wad filled with joy having met a teacher and a friend.

My practice has given me so much opportunities to be with people who help make my journey more meaningful.Despite the odds of life, there is no denying that it is still a beautiful life.

Happy tea time.


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