Gratitude on a Monday

Early morning Mysore Class at the shala
With Teacher Jon, my very first ashtanga teacher
With teacher Arne Espejel
Hanging out with Teacher Elle before practicing
Post -practice pose with my fellow ashtangis

When you practice and you have teachers who are just human enough to laugh at your random giggles and complains then you know that you truly live.

I love the energy at the shala where I have been practicing for almost seven years now. This space has been a witness of my journey since day 1 of struggling to find my balance in the standing poses until now that I am working on my dwi pada sirshana and the dreaded titibasana sequence.

I have heard a lot of whispers , grunts and moans from the lovely souls who  similarly have difficulties in the different asanas. Many times when my drishti was  unstable, I have seen people falling, bending, and literally struggling but still smiling. This shala is a witness to everyone’s journey into wholeness.

This space has been my home for a long time. Even if at times I practice at other studios, I am always drawn to this laidback abode. 

I have gained friendships here.I have met different teachers both foreign and local.More importantly, I have become a teacher myself. I am forever grateful to this space.

Today I just realize I have come a long way from being that scoliotic woman  ino the yogin that I am now.

I am grateful to all my teachers and to my fellow ashtangis for sharing the space and the energy with me.

Thank you too Guruji .



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