let go!

Chest down, chin forward.  Teacher Jon teaching the students how to make adjustments for kurmasana. I am way very grateful offering my body. 🙂

The teacher training that I have been assisting had culminated a week ago. I was certainly very happy during the last day because I could finally rest my body from being adjusted almost everyday. More than anything else, it was a huge redemption for me from the terrible traffic that I had to go through each time I traveled to the studio. The most important thing that I was and am still grateful for is the opportunity to serve them and to meet aspiring yoga teachers. Thinking about my journey made me proud of myself. Humility, gratitude , surrender and openness are just some of those that I have relearned in the process.

My life continues now. Despite not having a permanent job yet ( not really applying ), I am still enjoying my freedom. I teach yoga here and there and I also have my Korean and Japanese students to teach online. I do still think at times as to where my life would be next year. There are thoughts of going back home to my family. There is really nothing concrete that my mind can think of. I am taking my time as always. The journey of being at home most of the time is challenging enough.

There is no sense worrying about tomorrow. The universe has been very faithful to its promise of providing for me. The loss that I have made me gained so much in a span of five months. Slowly, I am rebuilding myself by practicing. I practice vulnerability to become stronger. I cry so I can laugh in the end.

Guruji once said, ” Slow growing is good growing.”

I am taking my time. I am enjoying where I am planted at the moment. I try as much as I can not to judge my practice. I embrace whatever it is that confronts me.

It is not an easy journey though ,  but when one surrenders and just breathes  it does make a difference.

Let go!




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