Life, really!


Life presents us with a lot of twists and turns. Just when you thought your day is going to be fine, something happens out of the blue.

For someone who lives in a space all by myself, I need to be extra careful of my personal safety. Although it is not very pleasant to say, security and safety concerns are seemingly cheap these days. Crimes proliferate anywhere. The practice of ahimsa (non-violence) does not practically apply to many of us anymore. It is very sad.

Two days ago, the fourth unit of the apartment building where I live was robbed in broad daylight when the tenants were out working and the rest of the neighbors were taking a nap.

I came home past lunch time  after serving at the teacher’s training. Famished and tired, I cooked while attending to my plants outside. It was a very quiet afternoon. After eating, I went up to my room and  watched TV trying to rest. It was then that I heard a loud crash-like a glass fell down and broke. I hurriedly went down to check my kitchen but everything was in place. I tried to listen to my next door neighbors’ but there was nothing to be heard. The only thing I did not do was to open my door and check outside for obvious reason that  I was not really suspicious of any threat.

I rested for an  hour or so until  I heard noise outside and someone rang my doorbell. I was hesitant to open because I was not really expecting any visitor until I heard by landlady’s voice. When I opened my door, she asked me whether I heard something and I honestly told her I did and I thought it was just something from kitchen.

Then I saw the tenant at the last unit crying and the shattered glass windows. They were robbed and expensive things were taken away. Investigation took place which lasted until the next day.We were all worried about our safety because this was not the first time that the same unit was ransacked. Many tenants have left because of safety reason.

I told my landlady to upgrade the safety measures. She has to install a tracking device/camera. She has to do something with the gate and so on and so forth. But really, I am beginning to be concerned of what might happen next.

If I had just peeked outside, had I helped solved the crime?

Many thoughts went through my head. Things happen because they are bound to happen, yes, but this was not the first time similar occurrence took place. I guess there was lack in my landlady’s side. I could see she was still very lenient in her decision regarding our welfare. I frankly told her of my intention to leave if things like this  happen again.

My poor  neighbor had to pass through stages to recover from the shock and the loss. The rest of us had to be more careful, making sure we are still safe after this. The culprit is still at large, perhaps laughing because he has again succeeded.

Asteya teaches us not to steal. World religions also emphasize the value of respecting others by not taking what is not ours. Sadly, we still need to rethink what has happened to the world.

I want to live in peace knowing everyone around me lives harmoniously. I do not wish for more material things in life. I just want to go home to my abode safely. I want to sleep soundly at night knowing no one tries to forcefully enter our vicinity and inflict pain on us. I guess for now, I can only breathe, relax and certainly pray.

May everyone be safe and happy.

Om shant, shanti, shantihi.




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