Just smile :)

Because I live in a country where rain is very abundant, it is not surprising anymore that we are continually blessed with a lot of precipitation  the whole year round. What is not very comforting is that moment when you are stuck in traffic and walk through the flood. It is always a very sad moment.

For the  whole week  until now as I am writing this, Manila is in a gloomy state In fact last night, I just had my most terrible night so far this month. After a wonderful yoga class at a faraway studio (I covered for my good friend.) I hailed a ride going to my place only to be caught in a very heavy standstill and my route was becoming very long and far. It was also very hard for the driver to go through since the streets were flooded. I had no recourse but walk though the flooded streets and waited for eternity to take another ride to go home. It was physically draining as my shoulders were so heavy and painful from carrying my bag and holding an umbrella. Life was really tough. It was all the more terrible since a lot of people were waiting too but there were just no transportation available.

It was during this moment that I ended up chanting and singing. I was praying asking the Universe to give me and the people a ride to reach our destination. I was becoming very emotional already because of exhaustion and my right ankle was already hurting.

Om shanti, shanti… more aums..

I was just chanting and singing praises. I could not think of anything more sensible to do. It was getting late and the rain became stronger. ..then there was my ride. Effortlessly, I got an empty spot and so with the others. I was really smiling the whole time. I was very grateful.

I reached home and had to wash. I could not move my shoulders. Everything about me physically was tired but my heart was just glad. I still was able to chat with my friend who thanked me for taking over her class. She was very apologetic for having me experienced that ordeal but all I could do was just to laugh it out.

Life is difficut at times. The load is going to be heavy and perhaps giving up is an option but it is always more human to take every pain in stride and find something good from the gloom that’s right there in front of us.

It is raining still and the world is dark outside. Lauds is playing on spotify. My neighbor is doing the laundry downstairs. It’s my late dad’s birthday today. I am certain flood is overwhelming in some places but I am also certain the Universe does not sleep. Everything will be fine.

Smile then just like this  guy. How can one not love life?


Smile , life is still beautiful.: (this was taken in a buddhist temple In Singapore )





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