Sore but grateful


Teacher Jovan doing adjustments on me during our teacher’s training

Life has given me the chance to be a better yogini these few days. I have been assisting in the teacher’s training during the adjustment classes. I found it fulfilling serving even if it gets to a point that my body is experiencing all kinds of soreness.

The adjustment classes are never easy since one has to observe how to adjust students in certain poses. It is not really a comfortable task for me who gets to be the one adjusted. Literally, many hands twist and turn my body each time so as to perform the adjustments asked.

It is physically draining because I also need to practice after the session. Then there are my own classes to teach on certain days, not to mention the hurdles I need to undertake in the midst of traffic.

It was only yesterday that I realized my body has been very tired. My legs are very sore and my scoliotic back is telling me something. My shoulders are heavy and painful too from all those marichyasana adjustments. (It’s not even finished yet.) The lower back is hurting at times. I still have a week  or so to be feeling this way, I guess.:)

Despite these, my heart is honestly at peace. There is always this sense of joy that I am feeling after the day’s work. I am committed to serve since it is my way of giving back to the people who has given me the chance to be a yoga teacher. I always believe that we  won’t grow much  if our lives are devoid of  pain or difficulties.

I am not saying one needs to inflict any harm to oneself but life obviously gives us both poles for us to experience how to exactly live. I believe any discomfort that we are into offers us comfort in the end. Every time  a hand pushes my body forward or twists my shoulders here and there, I realize that it is necessary to do so to avoid any injury. Yoga teachers truly has a crucial task to  make sure the students get to do the poses right so as not to endanger them.

My body is very sore until now. My shoulders are a bit slouchy. I just want to go to the beach and rest for a week or so but still deep within me, I know this is not what I am supposed to do for now. I am needed where I am planted.

Tomorrow I am going to do the same ordeal again. Traffic, yoga classes, adjustment classes and personal practice. What makes it a bit different will be the way I am gonna handle what will be on my plate. There is always my breath to help me out.

Yes, I am sore and I will still be  but you know what? I am really grateful for this soreness. Sooner, my body will get used to it again. I will be stronger and wiser. I will also become a better teacher. See, I am learning. Everyday, I am.

May your difficulties empower you.







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