Breathing on a Saturday

I had a class last night at the gym with 3 new students. Prior to the asanas, i had to prepare them by teaching the proper breathing technique. Breathing from and through the nose, creating that oceanic sound, rekaxing the shoulders, gazing at the nose..These instructions when said in a gentle, non- threatening way would surely give a lot of benefits to the students. 

It was a great class. The three souls were very attentive and cooperative. I could sense their willingness to practice. They listened well and did what was cued to them. It was, of course, not a very serious class. I had to be friendly with my approach since they were newbies and I did not want them to hurt themselves. Surprisingly, towards the end of the class one student suffered from muscle spasm in her stomach. I was a bit worried but was reassured she’s fine after few minutes.

I ended my class with a smile because I was grateful for the new people I encountered on the mat.

 May the universe allow them to practice again.



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