Moonday Tuesday

The moon is in its full nature today. My body is also literally tired what with my rhinitis and my period coming. More importantly, my muscles are very sore and all I want to do is be my laidback self. I gave my self that massage it needed, though. Earlier in the morning, I did few poses. I was really tired.

The ashtanga tradition observes both the new and full moon days. This means that we do not practice during these holidays because just like everything that is watery in nature, human beings are affected by the phases of the moon which   are determined by its position to the sun. There is this thing called gravitational pull on the earth. The varied positions produce different energetic experiences comparable to the breath cycle. It is believed that the full moon energy depicts the end of the inhalation when the life force (prana) is in its greatest.There is an expansive, upward force that makes one feel energetic and emotional but not totally grounded. Since the main life force resides in the head, people tend to me bore headstrong.

The new moon, on the other hand , depicts the end of exhalation. This is the time when the apanic force is on its fullest. This force  contracts and moves downwards thus making us feel calm and grounded but is dense and disinclined towards physical exertion.

Ashtanga long time practitioners  are more attuned to the natural cycles thus observing the moon days is one great  way to honor the movements of nature. Doing so means being in harmony with it.  Not practicing during these days is essential.

Moon days are also opportunities to rest the body from any toil. Honoring our bodies is our responsibility. Today, I just did that. I allow  this vessel to recuperate. I let my tears flow abundantly.I acknowledge my vulnerability by embracing my imperfection, my worries, my sadness, my fears, my insecurities and all the negativity that  my body is capable of accumulating. Just like that-today, I am my unstable self.

I see the moon outside my window as I am writing this. It is a beautiful sight to behold. With its power comes also that feeling of restlessness and confusion. This will pass.

I honor the moon, my body and the universe.

Sending you blessings.







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