Manic Monday,it is!

Grateful for surviving the huge standstill today 🙂


Living in the metropolis is quite a challenge for someone who embraces a yogic kind of life. Breathing properly is one essential ingredient to start the day right. It is somehow a struggle because it is very undeniable that traffic constantly disrupts anyone’s lives. Being centered would mean being able to smile despite being trapped for almost 2  hours inside the bus. Total  standstill is a pain both physically and emotionally. Let us not discount the panic attack that one suffers knowing s/he might not get to the destination on time.

Today, I just had one of those manic Monday ordeal. Despite leaving the house early to get to my class on time, I was still late. Life seemingly stopped on the road. It took me almost 2 hours to get to the studio. I was really late. I felt like crying knowing students were waiting for me. I wanted to cancel the session but I still decided to go. Thankfully, they were still there.

The class went well. Life went on as normal. During our post practice conversation.I shared to my students that one benefit that yoga offers is the ability to accept whatever situation life brings us. There are just those moments that we do not have any control of. Traffic is one of them. There is nothing much we can do about it but our behavior towards it matters.

While I was worried today, I did not stop chanting and praying. I was not anymore in control of the chaos on the road. I could only make myself find its center. Everything turned out well because in the midst of the chaos, the universe still knew how to make things work out in the end. All I needed to do was to breathe and surrender to that higher force. It was  not easy , though, but I did and it worked.

I am grateful I was able to teach today. I am grateful my students stayed. Most of all, I am grateful everything worked out well despite and inspite of some challenges.

Sending you light and love. Namaste.





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