on listening to the body

This is just a great reminder for me today. Om shanti, shanti.


One of the misfortunes that my body has encountered since I live in the busy jungle of Manila is that condition called rhinitis. This sort of thing-I was not so aware of a long time ago-tends to disrupt the normalcy of my living. Apparently, when I am hit with this, my breath is slow and my head is spinning terribly. I develop colds and muscles pains and then my throat hurts. Mucus or some kind of liquidy substance resides in my nose. These and all other symptoms are overwhelming anytime during the course of its attack. Today, I have these symptoms.

It has been days since I feel the symptoms. I am way too  lethargic to move and I get dizzy at times. My head is heavy and my nose clogged. I don’t normally subscribe to any medication since I know the side effects of it. I just decide to take things slow and stay home.

I know how my body reacts to negativity and I know I need to listen to it. Since yesterday, I just opted to do few poses to stretch and breathe slowly. I do not force my body to do things. I just let it be. I stay home and do task domestically. My muscles pain a bit so I need to rest.

My almost seven years of doing yoga  has enabled me to practice compassion to myself. I have learned to adhere to the mantra “less is more.” Indeed, by doing less, one gets more productive. I am not anymore pushing myself to the limits in all aspects. I realize yoga is not a race and be at par with others. It is a journey within. No one has the capacity to discipline oneself but the self.

I am not anymore in the position to compare my practice with the others. Yes, I know , everyday practice is a must in ashtanga. There are 8 limbs to consider in this path. I guess, even if one could not do full series on a particular day, one has to be mindful of the other limbs too.  Practice is life and life is a practice. Taking the ego away is one great way to become gentler with the self.

Today, I did my laundry and clean my space. I did very short asanas too. I honor this body in all its entirety. She is tired and wanting rest. I will allow her to do so. Tomorrow, she maybe better and perhaps she can practice more.

May all our bodies be healthy and strong. Om shanti, shanti.




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