Mama with her children and grandchildren

Today , I honor the woman who has stood the strongest and the bravest amidst all that life has given her. In her own special , most of the times, silent ways she makes sure everyone in the family feels safe even if means giving up her own security. The sad thing is, I do not always notice that  because aside from the fact that I live away from her, I am in my own way refusing to notice it at times.

Prior to my dad’s death last December, my mother has been tough in dealing with his sickness. She was there even when her children seemed to give up financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. She made sure she’s there for my dad and for us all.

When dad died, she was there.She’s the only person who witnessed his passing. She saw dad’s last breath came out of him. My mother must have been shocked and saddened seeing all that but she was there.

Every family ordeal that we have my mother has survived it all. At this juncture, my sister is suffering from depression. I know my mother worries a lot.We assure her always things will be alright. She cries at times. It was not long ago not dad left and we are still suffering from the loss but my mom proves she is the toughest.

She can still find time to laugh at life’s hardest. She can still continue to do her chores. She can still talk to her friends. She can still do everything she’s into. Why can she be that tough?

Oh well, she’s my mother after all. No one can do what she can except those who are like her- a woman who embraces motherhood in all its finest. I am not a mother and my understanding must have been so limited-but yes, I know how much love she can offer this world through us -her family.

Today is her birthday and I want to write something for her (in case she reads this). I am grateful for the love she always gives us. There might be times that I do not understand her but that should not discount the fact that I love her so much.

I am honoring her today. I pray that she will be blessed with a life that is better than what she has now. I know I can help her have that. She is my first guru about life. In her very own subtle way, she has taught be to bend but not break.

Sending her and all those mothers out there love and light.







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